Full Body Exercises with video instructions

Full Body Exercises
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Listed are a couple of the best full-body exercises with instructional videos on the correct posture to use.

What are full body exercises?

Basically, these are a set of fitness exercises that utilize multiple muscle groups in your body. They help you to lose weight and build muscle due to the energy needed to perform the exercise and to recover.

This is a list of the top exercises with an instructional video for each.


A very common exercise included in many fitness programs due to the utilization of multiple muscle groups. Burpees work well for increasing your full body strength as well as improving cardio.

Should you prefer strength exercise then why not do this with a weight vest.

Watch the video below for full instructions on how to do the Burpee.

Medicine ball slams

A great exercise that builds power and stretches muscles in your upper body, your core, and legs.

There is something magical about slamming a ball into the floor time and time again – seems like all your stress just slams away. A great stress reliever while also being a full-body exercise.

Watch the video below for full instructions.

Turkish Getup

This full-body exercise can be a little complicated so be sure to watch the instructional video a couple of times to get the movement right. Alternatively, ask your gym instructor to guide you through the exercise a few times.

Due to the multi movements required in the exercise, multiple muscle groups are targeted resulting in some great all-over muscle workouts.

Watch the instructional video carefully.


Deadlifting involves lifting weights from the floor till you are in an upright position. Posture is very important in this exercise that targets many muscle groups and helps strengthen back muscles as well.

A great exercise to improve your strength and overall power while burning up the fat.

Watch the video for correct posture while deadlifting.



The squat is an effective lower body workout that concentrates on hamstrings, hips, and glutes as well as indirectly working on your core. A common mistake in strength and muscle building is the neglect of exercises involving the lower body. This simple routine takes care of that.

To add a little upper body strength into the squat try performing them with a few weights.

Watch the squat instructional video for the correct posture.

Push-ups and planking

Push-ups are probably one of the first exercises that we learn. A great exercise for improving the upper body and core strength. There are multiple variations of the push up which help to exercise a wide range of upper body muscles.

Best full body exercises. Push ups are an old time favourite that really exercises multiple upper body muscle groups.

Another variation to push-ups is planking which can really punish your core muscles resulting in some great core strength and improvement in muscle tone in the middle section.


I have listed a couple of the best full-body exercises that engage multiple muscle groups. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list but rather sufficient enough for you to engage and exercise most muscle groups in your body to increase muscle strength and boost weight loss through fat burning.

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