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About Us

The World Is a Small Place!

Many years ago, in 1999, I was on a business trip to China. During one of the flights I was seated next to a businessman from Singapore. We were discussing business in general.

He started explaining how he lived in Singapore but owned and ran a factory in Central China. He would have online meetings with his staff on a daily basis and would control the entire production facility from Singapore.

Needless to say I was fascinated by the entire approach to business. The businessman ended up by stating “The world is a small place”.

20 Years Later

The words spoken 20 years ago have really proven true. Worldwide business is no longer a problem or extraordinary but has rather become the norm. It is virtually just as easy for someone to do business on the other side of the world as it is to do business locally.

The world is truly a small place!

My name is John Foster and I live in Gauteng South Africa.

I have always been either a retailer, wholesaler, and manufacturer of goods or a combination of them. I have traveled extensively and am married to a beautiful Russian (and English) speaking lady from Ukraine. Together we decided that we did not want to be tied down to any single country with a physical shop and hence decided to launch KilaDeals online store so that we can travel and continue to do business. After all the world is a small place.

Should you need to contact us we are always available either via Whatsapp, via email, or with our direct cell number although depending on where we may be in the world that can be an expensive option to use.

Please see our contact information on the “Contact Us” page or use the WhatsApp button at the bottom right of the page to contact us .

We look forward to having the opportunity to do business with you.

BTW – you may wonder why we chose Paypal as a payment gateway. 2 Reasons :-

  1. It is the only allowed international payment gateway for South Africans.
  2. Paypal has an incredible policy to protect you, the buyer. Read more