Anabolic state vs Catabolic state

Anabolic state vs Catabolic state
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Getting your body into an anabolic state.

First, let me say that an anabolic state has nothing to do with taking steroids. The minute people hear the word anabolic they immediately associate it with the use of steroids.

What is an anabolic state?

Anabolic refers to building up. Simply put an anabolic state is when your body is constantly building up new muscle.

Muscle builds up as a result of exercise, feeding the muscle with good nutrients and sufficient rest for the muscle to develop.

What is a Catabolic state?

Catabolic can be referred to as breaking down. The complete opposite of anabolic. This is when your body starts to chew up and lose muscle.

This can be caused by three main factors – insufficient exercise, lack of good food, and not enough rest. Catabolism occurs when your energy needs are greater than your energy intake. Your body starts to convert muscle tissue into energy and as a result, you begin to lose muscle. As a bodybuilder, this is a total nightmare as all your hard-earned gains begin to disappear.

Normally, throughout the day, you will have periods when your body is in an anabolic state and periods in a catabolic state. To really build your muscle, you need to leverage the ratio of anabolic to catabolic so that your body is in an anabolic state for far longer periods than it is in a catabolic state.

How to promote an anabolic state in your body?

Good food eaten often helps your body to build muscle and reduce fat.

It is unnatural for your body to remain in an anabolic state 24 hours a day. If this were possible you would look like a muscle-bound monster. What you do need to aim for though is for your body to be in an anabolic state for as long as possible.

Exercise breaks down muscle so that it can rebuild into stronger and bigger muscle. The reason your muscles are sore after a good workout is because they have been broken or torn apart. Your muscles then need sufficient good nutrition to then build up again and ample rest for the building process to occur.

Exercising sore muscles is not a good idea – If your legs are still sore from yesterday’s leg day then exercise your abs etc. If you find your recovery from sore muscle takes too long then consider using a good bodybuilding supplement that will aid recovery.

Strength training will promote your muscle growth while cardio may remove fat. However too much cardio will also remove muscle gains and bulk. It is not necessary to spend 3 hours a day in the gym to build up. Exercise smart to concentrate on building muscle. Remember that you do need to exercise all your muscles and not just your arms or chest and neglect your legs.

You should program your eating so that you are having at least 6 smaller meals a day. These should consist of high-quality carbs and good protein so that your muscles are receiving sufficient body and muscle-building nutrients. I suggest that you discuss your diet plan with your instructor to work out a beneficial diet to suit your individual needs.

You may consider using a high-quality supplement such as those supplied by Brutal Force. Using supplements will boost your performance and increase your anabolic state to the catabolic state ratio.

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