Welcome to Kiladeals Online Store

A huge welcome to all of our customers, future customers, friends, and others who may be reading this. We sincerely hope that you will be with us along this journey for many years.

Who are we?

KIladeals is formed by the husband and wife team of John and Ira Foster. John has extensive manufacturing, wholesale and retail experience. Ira has extensive retail experience and has always had an amazing sense of fashion that is admired and respected by all her friends and family.

While we are currently living in South Africa we have come to the hard conclusion that perhaps South Africa is not our final home and we could possibly settle in a new country one day. We are also very fond of travel. With this in mind we set about creating a new business that we could literally take with us wherever we decided to travel in the world.

Hence the birth of Kiladeals Online Store!

Kila Deals Logo

Many years ago I was travelling from China to Singapore and had the privilege of sitting next to another businessman from Singapore. This was at the time when internet was only just beginning to change the world.

During our hours of talking and discussing business matters, the man explained how he had his offices in Singapore and his factory in Mainland China. He was able to communicate and have meetings with his staff on a daily basis via the internet. He said “The world is a small place”.

The World Is a Small Place

This humble businessman from Singapore would not realize it but his words changed my entire outlook on life. Since that day I have watched and noted how the internet literally made the world into a very small place where intercontinental business would become the norm and not the exception.

Fast forward many years later and some huge steps in technology and we now have a world where online shopping is no longer a “wow” occasion but has become the total norm of the day. People are no longer limited to shopping from Malls and physical shops. They can shop anywhere they like and the goods will be delivered direct to them at home.

Kiladeals Business Model

While Kiladeals is currently physically located in South Africa we do not do any sales to South Africa. In fact we have excluded most African states from our delivery areas. The reason for this is the lack of decent and reliable shipping and delivery infrastructure.

Affordable shipping to African states is shocking. My last parcel from China took 10 days to reach South Africa from China, but the delivery within South Africa from the time it reached our shores, took a further 5 months.

Our aim is to be able to fairly acceptable service to our customers. We would rather have a prospective customer being upset over the fact that we do not deliver to a certain country than being upset because their parcel that they have paid for is lost in the post or has not been delivered for a couple of months.

Kiladeals have sourced suppliers in the USA, UK, EU as well as China. Our agreement with the suppliers results in them shipping orders directly to you from their factory. Once an order is placed with us we will then send the shipping instruction to the manufacturer who in turn send the item directly to you.

When you order multiple items it is quite possible that you will have multiple deliveries to you from our various suppliers. Don’t worry. our shipping is free worldwide so it will not cost you any extra.

We look forward to doing business with you for many years to come and hope that you will be just as enthusiastic when you browse our range of fashion and household items.

Regards from Kiladeals.

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