How to get started with weight loss

How to get started with weight loss
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What is the best way to get started with weight loss?

Probably you have made a resolution to lose weight this year and now need to discover the best ways to start and achieve your weight loss goals. The most popular new year resolutions are to lose weight, to get fit, and to stop smoking.

It is easy to make a resolution but far more difficult to keep to it so here is an outline of what you need to do in order to help you get on your way to some great weight loss results.

Your action plan for losing weight

Record a starting point.

Nothing motivates you more than seeing results.

Weigh yourself and take measurements of crucial areas on your body where you would like to lose weight.  Write your weight and measurements in your diary so that you are able to reference back to them and see how much weight loss you have achieved.

Repeat the weighing and measuring once a week. Normally your body fluctuates a bit from day to day and daily weighing can frustrate you. You are more likely to get motivated when viewing your total weight loss in a week than a day to day results.

If you are doing a lot of exercise with your weight loss regime you may notice that your weight does not go down as quickly but your measurements improve drastically. This is due to converting fat to muscle. Fat is far bulkier than muscle. You will lose bulk but not so much weight. You will look great.

Modify your eating habits

Carbs play an important role in our diets.

Creating a restrictive diet is likely to throw you right out of your weight loss plan for the year. Everyone wants to lose weight but few are prepared to give up what they enjoy – food.

Instead of giving up, it is better to perhaps limit and to eat a little more sensibly. Try to limit snacking between meals. Make sure you eat your 3 meals a day trying to ensure that they are at fairly regular times in the day. If you need to snack then plan for a healthy snack instead of chocolates etc. Also try some of these healthy recipes for main meals.

Drink plenty of water – this flushes fat-causing toxins from your system. Avoid sugary drinks and try to limit alcohol intake.

While some advocate limiting carbohydrates they are really essential to your diet so rather follow a diet that allows carbohydrates such as the 14-day rapid weight loss plan.

Increase your exercise

Increase exercise to lose weight fast

It is not necessary to join a gym to increase exercise. However, burning off a few extra calories every day will help your weight loss results.

Take a daily walk which will also help to reduce your stress levels and get you more focused.

Use steps instead of escalators. Park your car further away from your office or favorite shop.

All of these steps help to boost your exercise. Remember that exercise is cumulative so the more you move in a day the more total calories are burnt off.

Use a weight loss pill

Using a fat burner diet pill such as Trimtone will only make your weight loss goal so much easier to obtain.

Fat burners help to increase your fat-burning in your body while also reducing appetite making it so much easier to resist snacking between meals and overeating. The increase in energy together with the improved sense o well-being makes it so worthwhile to invest a little and make your weight loss journey pleasant.


Losing weight does not have to be a nightmare. Keep focused on your goal and do not give up.

It is possible that during your journey you will slip and maybe eat something you are really craving or possibly overeat. Perhaps you gain a pound or two that week instead of losing. So what!

The important thing is to keep going and soon you will see the results.