How many calories in a pound of fat

Pound of fat
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How many calories does it take to gain 1 pound of fat.

Have you ever wondered just how many calories there are in a pound of fat? Alternatively, what would it take to lose a pound of fat?

Body fat is accumulated as a result of an excess in calories consumed over calories burnt, but just how many extra calories are needed to add or lose a pound of fat to your body.

When planning to lose weight it is handy to know just how many calories you need to cut in order to achieve your ideal weight.

Most experts agree on the figure of 3500 calories to each pound of fat or in the metric conversion 7700 calories per kilogram of fat.

How to lose a pound of fat

Right, we have established that in order to lose a pound of fat you need to trim your calorie intake or increase your fat burning by at least 3500 calories.

What exactly are 3500 calories?

The recommended calorie intake for an average woman is approx 1800 calories a day.

For most people, 3500 calories is just a meaningless figure. In order to add some value to exactly what 3500 calories is equal to have a look at the points below which indicate how little you need to eat or how much extra exercise you need to do.

To lose just 1 pound of fat you must

  • Go Jogging for 5 hours
  • Not eat at all for 2 days
  • Do 6 hours and 45 minutes of aerobics
  • Cut back on 15 slices of cheese pizza.

Now you are starting to understand why losing weight can be so difficult.

If you need to either cut back your eating so drastically or increase your exercise so dramatically in order to just lose a single pound of fat then what are you going to do in order to lose 5 or 10 pounds of extra weight!

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