14 Health Benefits of Turmeric

Health Benefits of Turmeric
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What are the health benefits of Turmeric?

Turmeric is a yellow spice that lends some of the yellow colors to Curry and of course, adds tremendously to its taste. This flavorsome spice is not only great for making spicy foods but also has loads of health benefits which can include:-

  1. Natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial
  2. Increases antioxidant capacity of your body
  3. Improves brain function and lowers brain disease
  4. Lowers risk of heart disease
  5. Helps prevent and treat certain cancers
  6. Helps prevent and treat Alzheimer’s
  7. Helps Arthritis sufferers
  8. Lowers depression
  9. Delays aging and age-related disease
  10. Blood thinner
  11. Pain killer
  12. Lowers blood sugar
  13. Improved mood and weight management
  14. Detoxes liver.

Turmeric has been used by the Indians and in Ayurveda treatments for centuries due to its medicinal properties.

Health Benefits of Turmeric

In recent years modern science has begun to prove the medicinal qualities of turmeric that the Indians have always known.

Turmeric contains compounds known as curcuminoids of which the most important one for health benefits is curcumin.  The content of curcumin in turmeric is approximately 3%.  Due to the relatively low content of curcumin, it is often better to use concentrated extracts to make full use of the many health benefits of turmeric. Added Piperine (Black Pepper extract) in the supplement helps your body to absorb more of the essential compounds.

Natural Anti Inflammatory.

Curcumin has the ability to match or even better most of the western NSAIDs on the market but without the side effects. Inflammation causes pain. However, NSAIDs normally used to treat inflammation are famous for causing stomach problems so many people are reluctant to use them. Curcumin can be used without fear. It can even be used directly on minor open wounds to prevent infection.

Turmeric is also anti-bacterial so it is great for combatting colds and flu and other bacterial infections. A mixture of Turmeric, Cinnamon, and honey works wonders for this.

Increased antioxidant capacity.

Turmeric is not only high in antioxidants but also stimulates your system to increase the production of its own antioxidants. Antioxidants combat the free radicals in your system which causes oxidative damage. By boosting your antioxidants you combat the effects of aging and strengthen your system against disease. Stay younger for longer by using turmeric.

Boost Brain Function.

Brain-derived neurotrophic function (BDNF) is one of the latest concerns among the population. We would all love to improve our sharpness and memory while preventing long-term brain disease. Turmeric helps to stimulate BDNF thereby assisting in combatting brain disease and improving memory and sharpness.

Lowered risk of heart disease.

Without being technical, heart disease is often related to damaged blood vessels, blood clots, and cholesterol buildup. Turmeric helps to prevent blood clots, repair damage to blood vessels, and reduce the risk of cholesterol-related problems. many people use aspirin as a preventative measure against heart attacks. By using a Turmeric supplement you could replace the aspirin and also gain from a whole lot more benefits.

Warning – if you are already being treated with Warfarin or other blood thinners you should first consult your Doctor before using Turmeric. There is a risk of internal bleeding when using Turmeric with these medications.

Prevent certain cancers

Scientific tests have shown promise in the treatment of certain cancers with Turmeric. It helps prevent metastasis (spread) of cancer while also reducing the growth of tumors. Please consult with your oncologist first before adding turmeric supplements to fight your existing cancer condition.

However, prevention is better than cure and Turmeric helps to prevent cancer from ever starting. Using Turmeric could help to prevent the formation of cancerous cells in your body.

Prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s disease leads to dementia – a brain condition I would not wish on my worst enemy. While scientific research is still needed it has been shown that Curcumin could help to prevent or delay the formation of Alzheimer’s disease. Once again prevention is better than cure.

Helps arthritis sufferers.

Arthritis is the most common cause of disability in the USA with over 20 million people experiencing serious limitations in their lives due to the disease. Arthritic pain caused by inflammation of the joints can be treated with Turmeric. Normally sufferers are treated with NSAID’s which can cause stomach pains and ulcers. Turmeric reduces inflammation and helps pain while not affecting the stomach. All in all, it is a better treatment option than NSAID’s such as Ibrufen or Diclofenac.

Lowers Depression

Turmeric has been shown to affect some of the neurotransmitters in your brain such as Dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. These help to control moods as well as fat burning in your body. In addition, its effect on brain neurotropic is positive as shown in a clinical test where it revealed that curcumin was as effective as Fluoxetine (Prozac) in combatting depression.

Delays Aging

Getting old sucks. Feeling older sucks even worse. While aging is a natural process some people age far better than others. As disease hits your body it seems to age you even further resulting in a quick spiral downwards. Turmeric helps to slow the natural aging process by reducing free radicals while also reducing disease which contributes to accelerated aging.

Anti Coagulant for blood clotting

Blood clots cause strokes, heart attacks, and pulmonary embolisms which all lead to death or serious disability. An estimated 60 000 to 100 000 Americans die each year as a result of blood clots (DVT) alone while many more suffer from the debilitating side effects.

Blood clots are usually treated with medications such as warfarin. Prevention against the formation of clots is usually accomplished by taking Aspirin daily. However, Turmeric is a great anticoagulant that helps to prevent the formation of blood clots and the resultant health conditions experienced.

Warning:- Do not use Turmeric to treat blood clots if you are already taking Warfarin or other blood-thinning medications.

Pain Killer

Tests on lab rats revealed that turmeric releases natural opioids (Morphine like substances). These are the natural pain-killing hormones of your body and help to alleviate the pain experienced. Further to this one of the main causes of pain is inflammation. Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory that reduces pain-causing inflammation and thereby reduces pain.

Lowers blood sugar

Scientific tests have revealed that Turmeric is highly successful in lowering blood sugar and reversing insulin resistance in diabetics. Further to this the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of turmeric aid in reducing common complications of diabetes such as blindness.

Improved moods and weight management

Norepinephrine, serotonin, dopamine. These are all hormones that every hardened dieter knows well as they are responsible for increasing fat burning and at the same time for improving moods. The good news is that Turmeric helps to increase the levels of these hormones resulting in improved moods and weight management. When combined with its neurotropic capabilities you are sure to experience many happy days.

Detoxing of liver

Curcumin helps with the flushing of toxins from your liver resulting in purer blood and less disease-causing toxins roaming around your body.

Side effects of Turmeric

Although very uncommon, even natural medication can cause side effects. These are some of the side effects that could be experienced when using concentrated Turmeric:-

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Risk of bleeding from excess blood thinning
  • Lowered blood pressure

Side effects are very few and far between and when compared to the numerous benefits there is no reason why you should not be supplementing your health with Turmeric.

You could use ordinary turmeric in your cooking and also produce drinks such as golden milk, liquid gold, or turmeric tea. However do bear in mind that Curcumin, the main component in turmeric, is only found at 3% concentration and therefore you would need to consume air amounts of normal turmeric to reap the health benefits.

Stop colds and flu in their tracks

A quick and effective measure to stop colds and flu.

MIx into glass of warm (not hot) water

1 tsp tumeric powder,

Quarter tsp cinnamon powder,

Quarter tsp fresh crushed ginger if available,

1 Tsp honey

Optional – one eight of a tsp cayenne pepper.

Drink 3 times daily at the first sign of a cold or flu. To simply boost your immune system drink the same concoction once daily.