Best weight loss pill in the USA

Best weight loss pill in the USA
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Which is the best weight loss pill in the USA?

While there may be a couple of differences in opinion I can personally say without a doubt that the best diet pill available without a prescription (OTC) has to be Phen375. It is a  pharmaceutical-grade diet pill that is produced in an FDA approved facility by RDK.

Phen375 diet pills for rapid weight loss results.
Phen375 fat burner

Phen375 is a pharmacy grade diet pill that first came on the market in 2009 and has since taken the world by storm. The main active ingredient it contains is Citrus Aurantium (bitter orange) which has an active ingredient, Synephrine, which results in great weight loss results in a short period of time.

Synephrine stimulates your fat-burning hormones while also causing a loss of appetite and as such, it is a great aid to weight loss. In some countries, Citrus Aurantium is a scheduled medication due to its synephrine content.

It is in a class similar to Phentermine, sibutramine, and ephedrine, which all work on stimulating and manipulating the hormones dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. Due to this, the formulation found in some other countries may differ slightly to that which is distributed in the USA.

In my studies of weight loss pills available around the world, I have found that diet pills that contain Citrus Aurantium tend to produce incredible weight loss results. In fact, it is now the number 1 ingredient that I look for when assessing the effectiveness of a weight loss pill.

Other Ingredients in Phen375

Apart from containing Cirus Aurantium as the main active ingredient, Phen375 contains a host of other powerful ingredients that work in synergy with each other resulting in truly great weight loss results.

Chromium Picolinate – controls your blood sugar and helps to alleviate carbohydrate cravings. Great for reducing calorie intake.

Calcium Carbonate – Increases the distribution of minerals around your body. Calcium is known as the trucker of all minerals.

L-Carnitine – Helps to facilitate the conversion of stored body fat into available energy for your body. Thus body fat is burnt off.

Caffeine – Increases your metabolism and boosts energy while reducing hunger pangs.

Capsicum – Chili extract that increases your core temperature and burns off more calories. Another essential ingredient in any good diet pill.

Dendrobium Nobile extract – an extract from orchids that aids in digestion.

Forskolin –  Lowers blood sugar and aids weight management.

As can be seen from the above Phen375 contains some pretty good ingredients. The thousands of people that have already lost tons of weight with Phen375 show that it is truly one of the top OTC weight loss pills available.

Before and after weight loss results using Phen375

I must add that apart from just reviewing Phen375 I have also personally used it and lost an amazing 9 pounds in just 14 days without any effort at all.

Where to Buy Phen375 in the USA.

Phen375 is not available in any store anywhere in the USA or elsewhere in the world. This is for quality control purposes and to help prevent illegal counterfeit products.

Phen375 has unfortunately been discontinued for unknown reasons.

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