How to lose weight faster

How to lose weight fast
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Clothes getting too tight - lose weight fast.

When you need to lose weight faster. If you have never been in the situation where at some stage of your life your favorite clothes begin to get a little small then I guess you are one of those fortunate enough to never seem to gain weight.

For the rest of you normal people that experience weight fluctuations, it can be extremely depressing to discover that your best pair of jeans is just a little too tight for comfort.

What do you do – do you rush out and begin to shop for a new set of clothes that is a little more comfortable or do you resolve to lose weight fast so that you can get back into your clothes.

Unfortunately, most people tend to have closets or suitcases packed full of those “One Day they will fit again” favorite clothes!

5 Steps to lose weight faster

The biggest mistake you can make is to rush out and buy new clothes each time your existing ones start to get a little tight. This month you will be going from a size 10 to 12. In 2 months from a size 12 to 14 and before you even realize it you will be shopping in the plus-size section.

The problem is not that your clothes are getting too small for you – the real problem is really that you are getting too big for your clothes.

To stop the weight gain spiral you need to take control of your weight right now!

Follow these five easy steps to take control and lose weight fast:-

Identify the cause of your weight gain.

If you have no idea why you are gaining weight then how do you ever propose to fight against it? Once you have isolated the causes of your weight gain, it becomes easier to counteract and fight against the weight gain.

Many factors cause weight gain such as emotional eating, genetic causes, medications, etc. Identify the cause of your weight gain and then take action.

Change your liquid intake

Most adults in the world do not drink enough water and are dehydrated. Modern lifestyles have substituted water for tastier (and sugar-laden) beverages and as a result, even though you are constantly drinking liquids your body may still be dehydrated.

Make a lifestyle change and replace a good deal of your beverages with plain water ensuring that you drink at least a glass of water each hour. Not only will you quickly see the benefits in your waistline but you will also discover a vast improvement in your overall health.

Dieters who drink enough water experience as much as 25% better weight loss results.

Healthy Eating

Eating healthy will automatically help your weight loss problems.

I know you have heard this one a million times but that is because it is true. I am however not going to tell you to do a crash diet and become miserable because you can’t eat your favorite foods. In fact, I personally hate the word diet and prefer to tell people to rather eat sensibly than to diet.

Diets have a nasty habit of causing rebound weight gain and that is the last problem that you want to sit with. A diet involves depriving your system of calories so that your body is forced to burn fat for its energy needs. The huge problem is that your body quickly adapts and slows down your metabolic rate so that it is not forced to use the fat stores for energy. As soon as you resume normal eating your metabolism is still slow and as a result, your weight shoots up again.

Sensible eating is a lifestyle change that will still see you eating everyday foods but in such a manner that, you will not have to worry much about your weight.

Increase Exercise by 10%

Increase exercise to lose weight fast

You do not necessarily have to join a gym – The minute most people hear that they need to increase exercise to lose or control their weight they immediately associate it with joining a gym or going jogging or cycling every day. For most people, this is either impossible or unsustainable.

Calorie burning through extra physical activity is cumulative and as a result, everything that you do throughout the day adds up and contributes to your calorie burning. Sure if you have the motivation and determination and are looking for that “cut” look then join a gym.

Use a weight loss supplement

Seriously – have you ever considered just how many factors in our modern society are contributing to your weight gain. It is no accident that the world is experiencing a massive rise in obesity.

Preservatives in your food, hormones in medications, hormones in your meats, obesogens leeching from food containers, and even vitamin deficiencies, etc. Life is really against you losing weight!

Using a quality slimming supplement often gives your system that little extra boost that may just make the difference between your dress sizes.

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