Is Covid-19 Affecting Fashion?

Will Covid-19 Change Fashion?

A great question with some not so simple answers!

Covid-19 has changed the world and set it on edge. This does not necessarily mean that it has changed all aspects of the world. Many things remain the same while many things have changed only temporarily. Some things have changed permanently.

Face masks necessary to prevent the spread o Covid

Lets us take the face mask as an example. Covid has forced us to wear face masks and cover our faces in order to prevent or limit the spread of the virus. While there have been many attempts to try and beautify the face mask and make it more fashionable, sorry to say, they just do not make the grade. As soon as the virus is contained the face masks will be in the rubbish bin. They are therefore a great example of a temporary change to our lifestyle caused by Covid-19.

The Work From Home Scenario.

Working from home, to limit human contact and to prevent the spread of the virus, is possibly one of the many changes that just may have a lasting impact. Many companies have discovered that there are numerous benefits to having their employees stay at home and work from home.

Companies can cut down on office space, reduce overheads on electricity, office supplies, tea, and coffee, etc. In many instances, the companies have found that employees working from home were just as efficient as if they were working from the office. With an efficient internet network and handy software applications such as Zoom, meetings and normal office communications were just as efficient as they were pre Covid-19. Employees are generally happier and therefore employee production increases. Yes, it does take getting used to and some employees may need to be more controlled than others.

Employees love being at home as opposed to the office. It gives them so much more flexibility in their work and helps them to manage family issues effectively at the same time. Furthermore they are saving countless hours a week in commuting time and thereby also reducing stress loads caused by their daily commute.

However, no office also reduced the need for employees to be suitably attired for the office. Most work at home employees opted to rather wear comfortable home clothes than their uncomfortable office formal wear.

Leisurewear became a thing!

Activewear Style Jumpsuit

Fashion outlets have reported a definite decline in formal office wear items and an increase in sales of the more comfortable leisurewear. Be neat and presentable in case of a surprise video call, but no need to be dressed in your normal work suit. Some employees have even chosen to sit through Zoom meetings with their visible top half well dressed in formal attire while their bottom section, hidden by a desk or table, is dressed in shorts or pajamas.

Does this constitute a change in fashion?

No, it is not a real change in fashion as leisurewear was always available. It does, however, mean that there has been a distinct and probably a lasting shift in preferences in attire. More people are opting to reduce their formal or semi-formal office attire and increase their more comfortable leisurewear.

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