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Stunning Turkish Traditional Design Copper Ibrik

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Turkish Traditional Design Copper Ibrik

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Turkish Traditional Design Copper Ibrik


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Each unique nickelized copper piece is hand-made by experienced artisans in Turkey. They are engraved by tapping a chisel onto the surface of each copper pot, then lined with tin inside and out so that they don’t need any polishing. Our coppersmiths use the heaviest 1.5 mm, copper, for their work. They also have beautiful wooden handles with seashell inlays or brass handle with authentic working *. They are tin-lined for durability and ease of cleaning. You can be assured these will last for many generations!

*the handle of the coffee pot can be wood or metal depending on the stock status

Copper, more than any other metal, is known for its ability to diffuse heat evenly and conduct it quickly throughout its surface. Hence, it is used all over the world as high-efficiency conductors of heat and is especially coveted for its ability to quickly bring water to a boil.




Cups it makes*


at base

at top


8 oz


3.25 in

3.25 in

2.50 in


10 oz


3.50 in

3.50 in

2.75 in


16 oz


3.75 in

3.75 in

3.00 in

We have a large selection of Turkish coffee pots that are made by experienced artisans in Turkey. All of our Turkish coffee makers are made with copper and are 100% lead-free.

Copper is the choice of gourmet professionals for cooking. It is considered the finest practical conductor of heat. Its primary advantage is that it requires only low to moderate heat to obtain the best results. This is why copper is the perfect material to use for Turkish coffee pots called “cezve” (pronounced “ jezz-va” ). With little care, your coffee maker can provide you with many years of service and pleasure.

Enjoy your Turkish Traditional Design Copper Ibrik.



5 reviews for Stunning Turkish Traditional Design Copper Ibrik

  1. M***a

    спасибо за быструю доставку 2 недели в Ирландию . Турка хорошая, красивая,
    ручка прочно сделана. я заказала самую большую и она действительно большая. немного в двух места нет вот этого золотого покрытия, но это не критично . так как турка ручной работы , это в целом смотрится нормально . продавец положил пакетик кофе . за что отдельное спасибо . рекомендую магазин и товар . думаю мужу подарок понравится .

  2. A***V

    Received after 2 weeks in Spain, took a medium size to the neck approximately 200g, thick enough walls, without a seam. Let’s see what coffee will turn out

  3. a***r

    In general, the Turk is very good quality but when I made an order from the seller asked for a metal handle not wooden. Sent with a wooden handle.

  4. Shopper

    Very nice! Love it

  5. a***r

    Two weeks arriving in Indonesia (Bandung). The seller is amazingly responsive (with clear English which helped a lot). And the pot is just beautiful, can’t wait to make a cup of coffee for myself. And I also received turkish coffee sample, many thanks for everything!

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