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Fancy Ibrik Turkish Copper Coffee Pot Wood Handle

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Fancy Ibrik Turkish Copper Coffee Pot Wood Handle

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Fancy Ibrik Turkish Copper Coffee Pot Wood Handle


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Our product is completely handcrafted.

It is made of 0.8 mm thick copper.

Internal parts are tin-plated.

Coffee is a globally loved beverage. It wakes you up on gloomy Monday mornings. It serves as the perfect complimentary drink as you catch up with friends and relatives. Coffee itself is a best friend that never fails to put a smile on your face through the good times and the bad times. For that matter, Turkish coffee sets the standards high in the world of ground coffee beans as its delectable taste and sensuous aroma recreates moments and memories for those who drink it.

Coffee lovers around the globe put Turkish coffee on such a high pedestal that even the way Turkish coffee is served and prepared plays a crucial role in determining the authenticity of its taste. For that matter, when purchasing the ideal Turkish coffee pot, always consider the personality and preferences of the coffee lover.

Last but not least, for the coffee maker who idealizes coffee sessions with a historical touch, do not forget the nickel Turkish coffee pot which is available in various sizes.

We have a large selection of Turkish coffee pots that are made by experienced artisans in Turkey. All of our Turkish coffee makers are made with copper and are 100% lead-free.

Copper is the choice of gourmet professionals for cooking. It is considered the finest practical conductor of heat. Its primary advantage is that it requires only low to moderate heat to obtain the best results. This is why copper is the perfect material to use for Turkish coffee pots called “cezve” (pronounced “ jezz-va” ). With little care, your coffee maker can provide you with many years of service and pleasure.

Enjoy your Ibrik Turkish Copper Coffee Pot Wood Handle



2 reviews for Fancy Ibrik Turkish Copper Coffee Pot Wood Handle

  1. R***r

    I’m delighted with the design. It is a beautiful and good quality piece. Only the size is very fair for the 4 cups I ordered. If I bought again I ‘d buy the biggest

  2. Shopper

    Very good quality! I have waited a long time to arrive but it was worth. Thank you

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