Jumpsuits, Rompers, and Dungarees

Palm Springs Strapless Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits sprang back into fashion during 2020. While Jumpsuits have been around for a long time, they have never been a major force in the fashion world, that is until now. Have a read below to find out what has driven the major change in fashion to allow jumpsuits, rompers and dungarees to spring back into the foreground of the fashion world.

 Fashion had some subtle changes during the catastrophe of a year called 2020. This was due to the effects of the coronavirus and lockdowns. Due to the fact that many employees were either working from home or were unable to work, the demand for formal office wear clothing items declined. Subsequently this demand was replaced with an increasing demand in leisure or loungewear.

Uncomfortable smart clothing was gave way to far more comfortable leisure type clothing. The choice of leisure wear was still deemed suitable for a quick Zoom meeting if needed, or a short trip to the shops while remaining totally comfortable. This often meant that the clothing items were slightly more loose-fitting. A favorite that was seen being rebirthed during this period were the good old Jumpsuits.

The Rebirth of Jumpsuits


Back in the 1970’s the Catsuit made an appearance in the fashion world and became a hit due to its figure hugging design and sexiness. However, there were a couple of problems related to wearing the catsuits.

1) Trips to the toilet were a nightmare as it involved almost a total strip. This was fine in the comfort of your own home. However, public toilets are not always the most convenient or hygienic places to do a strip down. 

2) A slightly ill fitting catsuit with a body section that was a bit too small resulted in the crotch of the outfit hugging your body a bit too closely. This would result in discomfort to the wearer and a spectacular display of your “camel toe” to others around you.

The 2020 trend has mostly steered away from the tight fitting catsuits and rather moved towards far more comfortable, baggy fitting jumpsuits or rompers. While so much more comfortable, worn correctly, the outfit has just as much eye appeal as it’s tight-fitting cousin, the catsuit.

One of the great advantages of baggy fitting Jumpsuits is your ability to be able to layer up as the weather requires. 

Hot summer days will see you wearing only the jumpsuit, hopefully with suitable lingerie underneath. Cooler weather allows you to add leggings, stockings, under shirts, jerseys etc. The sky is the limit so experiment a little with layers and create your very own style.

Don’t forget that the baggy fitting jumpsuit is also great for hiding some of the extra inches that have been gained due to lockdown snacking binges. 

Don’t forget the Playsuit


A playsuit is best described as a jumpsuit with short legs. Combined with the playsuits there are also dungarees and similar styles with small variations to them.

One factor about a playsuit is just how attractive they can be when worn in the correct setting. Have a look at these great playsuits that we have in our range.

How long will the Jumpsuit fashion last?


Accurately predicting the life cycle of a fashion trend is usually difficult. However, the big question to really ask is whether an item ever really goes out of fashion? 

My guess is that Jumpsuits are just so convenient, comfortable to wear, and cute to look at, that they will stay in fashion for a long time to come.

If you have not worn one yet the now is the time to invest in one. Your dress style could be forever changed.

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